"Prince of life was killed, but GOD has raised HIM from the death."                                                                              "ACTS:3-15"

     This ministry is an interdenomination.It was established on 5th of feb 2012.It is situated in upper chandmari colony,Kohima,Nagaland 797001

         Our ministry is based on the search for faithful hearts who will be the WITNESSES FOR GOOD NEWS of the Lord our GOD and will proclaim the name of our saviuor,our Lord,JESUS CHRIST with faith.This ministry is to search for the lost souls to expand the kingdom of GOD and to bring together the reapers for the harvest is ready and the time is near to meet our CREATOR who will judge each people's deeds.Our ministry is to bring the sinners to dinner for the taste of the Lord is sweeter than honey.GOD needs a faithful heart nt a showful body,thus, this ministry searchs for those whose thinking is to be faithful,honest and obedient.


P.O.L.M-YOUTH perfoming a dance on foundation day


Our service timing:-

                     Sunday Worship Service

                     Time-10:30 am to 12:00 noon

                     Saturday Youth Worship Service

                     Time-4:00 pm to 5:00 pm